counter model

Counter Model

Curling Iron Holder (Counter Top model)
3” and 2”diameter barrel

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wall mount

Wall Mount

Curling Iron Holder (Wall Mount Model)
3” and 2” diameter barrel



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Over the Counter

wall mount

Wall Mount

mini flat iron

Mini Flat Iron

What Our Customers are Saying

Hi there Rick. Just wanted to send you a follow-up email to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. Your Cool Care Iron Holder is a great product and I want to know which retailers sell your product so I can recommend it to my friends. It has come in handy and helps keep me organized.

You have my vote. Thank you again.

Kim Russo

Host of the #1 rated show “The Haunting Of…” On The Bio Channel

How many of us forget to turn off our hair tools and leave the house wondering? Your products should be in every household that uses flat irons or curling irons. I truly mean that. As a mom of a teenager, it gives me peace of mind knowing my daughter has the Cool Care too!

Laurie Wing

PR Specialist|Award Winning Author|Segment Producer |On Air Segment Host, MEDIA NEWS BLAST

Cool Care truly is a space saver!  Between my daughters curling iron and my giant hairdryer, there was hardly a spot left on my counter but with Cool Care, I’m organized, I have more countertop room and I no longer worry about burning my countertops accidentally!



JLP loves you too! I use my #coolcare for #hothair daily!

Jennifer Layne Park

Actress and Producer

There was a family where we used to live whose home burned to the ground d/t a curling iron that was left on.
Your product will help keep countless co-eds safe in the campus dorms. We’d love to review your product.

Wendy Young

100% Lifetime Guarantee

All Models of COOL CARE® hair appliance tool holders are made from high Quality Stainless Steel.
All Wall Mounted Holders come with directions &inserts and screws. Very easy to install!
Counter Top Models have SILICONE NON-SKID FEET.
All of our COOL CARE® HOLDERS have the PTPA Seal of Approval!



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