Curling Irons have been around for over 100 years. The problem is that many people use them every day and become very casual about their use. To make matters worse, today’s curling irons are much hotter than what was known in the past. Women don’t want to take more time than necessary which demands higher heat. Hair irons and curling irons may reach temperatures over 220°C (428°F) and then take up to forty minutes to cool down. The burns they can cause are serious enough to require surgery. Curling irons have also been attributed as the primary cause for house fires from the irons being left on flammable areas.

The creator of CoolCare, Rick Alexander, developed it out of a need to keep his own family safe. His 3 year old son was badly burned by a curling iron left on a counter. His invention has now kept his son and countless other children safe from a common household hazard. Says Rick, “It’s not just kids who get burned by curling irons: it affects adults and our furry friends too.”

The need for his product is supported by study after study. A recent British study on burn injuries to 1200 children found one of the main causes of these injuries was flat irons or curling irons. Of the 300 contact burns suffered by children less than 5 years old, over 100 were caused by touching hair irons or curling irons, accounting for nearly one in 10 child burns. Here in the US, 400 children daily visit the ER for burns. Hair iron burns are the #3 cause accounting for over 100 children a day.

Toddlers are curious and into everything without realizing how they can hurt themselves. Combine this curiosity with a third of parents admitting to leaving their products to cool down on the floor, counter or hanging off furniture and you have a recipe for yet another child burn. With people more busy every day it is increasingly easy to ‘forget’ to put the curling iron out of harm’s way.

Shriners Hospital for Children notes, among children ages 14 and under, hair irons and curling irons lead the list for burns related to household items.

With literally tens of thousands of children being burned by curling irons annually, the need for CoolCare is beyond obvious.

CoolCare is a household item that should be as every day as a smoke detector. After spending the last 22 years in medicine, dermatology and skin care, I can attest that burns, particularly to children, are 95% avoidable. There is nothing more sad and troubling to care for a young child in the ER when you are well aware that the burn they are suffering from could have been avoided with a simple (common sense) measure. While the physical pain and agony of a burn subsides, the burn to the skin remains. I have seen plenty of patients for treatment of burn scars. Skin grafting, while helpful, never makes the skin look quite right. Full resolution of burn scars is nearly impossible. I treat them using different creams and serums, multiple laser resurfacing treatments and ultimately do a lot of ‘hand holding’ as I realize as a doctor, I am able to help the burn scars, but never fully resolve them.

My opinion as a father and a doctor is that every household with a flat iron or curling iron should have a CoolCare.

Dean M. Tomasello, MD

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