Why We Invented Cool Care®

My name is Rick Alexander, inventor and founder for Cool Care® curling and flat iron holders.

Our family journey began horrifically one morning when our 3 year old son accidently grabbed my wife’s hot curling iron – and was burned so badly we had to rush him to the hospital with 3rd degree burns.
We will never forget the pain and agony Michael suffered.

The next day I went to several retail stores looking for a solution. Astonishingly, there were NO solutions for holders that would safely dissipate heat from irons that could reach temperatures exceeding 450°.
During this journey, we also discovered that burns from extremely hot curling irons (often unrated as to the high temperatures they can reach) are the #3 cause of emergency room visits for children ages 2 – 14!
All I could envision was my son (or my wife and I for that matter) being burned again or returning to our home in ashes if the iron was accidently left on and the high temperature caught fire.

I designed our Cool Care® holders with premium vented stainless steel with a now patented design that lets heat escape quickly, and will not overheat if the iron is accidently left on. We finally had a safe solution for our home, and we decided to make them available to everyone.

We are very proud that Cool Care® holders won the prestigious Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award for best product. Cool Care® is a brand you can trust!

Cool Care® holders are safe, stylish and not only provide safety; they also give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

We believe in Cool Care® holders, which is why we offer an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us.

Rick Alexander

100% Lifetime Guarantee

All Models of COOL CARE® hair appliance tool holders are made from high Quality Stainless Steel.
All Wall Mounted Holders come with directions &inserts and screws. Very easy to install!
Counter Top Models have SILICONE NON-SKID FEET.
All of our COOL CARE® HOLDERS have the PTPA Seal of Approval!



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