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Hi there Rick. Just wanted to send you a follow-up email to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. Your Cool Care Iron Holder is a great product and I want to know which retailers sell your product so I can recommend it to my friends. It has come in handy and helps keep me organized.

You have my vote. Thank you again.

Kim Russo

Host of the #1 rated show “The Haunting Of…” On The Bio Channel

How many of us forget to turn off our hair tools and leave the house wondering? Your products should be in every household that uses flat irons or curling irons. I truly mean that. As a mom of a teenager, it gives me peace of mind knowing my daughter has the Cool Care too!

Laurie Wing

PR Specialist|Award Winning Author|Segment Producer |On Air Segment Host, MEDIA NEWS BLAST

Cool Care truly is a space saver!  Between my daughters curling iron and my giant hairdryer, there was hardly a spot left on my counter but with Cool Care, I’m organized, I have more countertop room and I no longer worry about burning my countertops accidentally!



JLP loves you too! I use my #coolcare for #hothair daily!

Jennifer Layne Park

Actress and Producer

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Excellent safety and organization in one
10/2/2013 Customer review by walmartdealseeker
5.0 stars by walmartdealseeker

I cannot count the times I’ve reached down and burned myself with a curling iron (or a flat iron for that matter). Not only does the Cool Care counter top protect ME, but also the counter top itself. I actually did not believe you could put a very hot appliance into a stainless steel holder and it would not get hot. I mean, we cook right? Things get hot. BUT this really doesn’t heat up! It “wicks” the heat away somehow. Ingenious and it’s on my list this year for friends and family as an Xmas gift. Great job. Love it!

Cool Care Curling Iron and Blow Dryer Holder

11/12/2014 Customer review by Cricket3596
5.0 stars by Cricket3596

This is one of the best items I have ever purchased. I have a house full of girls four to be exact and I needed to have something I could put the curling irons, blow dryers etc in this one works great for my daughters bathroom it mounts on the counter with ease and keeps the irons perfectly out of the way. Love this product and I am getting ready to purchase the Wall mounted edition for my personal bathroom.

Cool Care is Awesome!

12/9/2013 Customer review by lomargie
5.0 stars by lomargie

I have had a Cool Care wall storage unit for over 2 years now and it is awesome. It keeps my favorite tools at arms length and off of my counter. It has held up and looks like new after all of this time. A perfect item for bathroom, kids and adults alike. Super easy install. Mine holds my hair dryer and Cool Care flat iron!

Cool Care saves my house!!

12/11/2013 Customer review by TheMarciFactor
5.0 stars by TheMarciFactor

I’ve had the Cool Care for a couple years now, and this is THE BEST item in my bathroom. I’m very absent minded and because of the vented barrels it has saved my house. I’ve come back several times after a week of not using my curling iron to find that I left it on last time. It helps keep my curling iron and straightner off of my counter and in a safe place. The cords don’t get tangled up with it at all. I would totally be lost without this gadget!!

1/19/2015Customer review by kubela
5.0 stars by kubela

This holder will not only keep dryers and irons neat and tidy, you will not have to worry about the little ones getting there hands burned. I highly recommend this to every female that uses a blow dryer and curling iron. What a great gift for a loved one.

Must have safety item for every home!
11/3/2013 Customer review by LeslieVeg
5.0 stars by LeslieVeg

I’ve been using my Cool Care Curling Iron And Blow Dryer Holder since I received it a few years ago. My daughter left her flat iron on and left the house, burning the counter top in the bathroom beyond repair. Fortunately that was the only damage. Luckily there is only surface damage since the flat iron shut itself off. I’m thankful we didn’t have a fire. That’s what prompted me to use the Cool Care Curling Iron and Blow Dryer Holder. The Cool Care Curling Iron and Blow Dryer Holder is functional and holds two styling tools neatly on my counter. It’s attractive and I no longer worry about damaging my counter. The Cool Care is a must for anyone who uses a flat iron or curling wand. It’s well made and worth the money! GREAT Product!

peace of mind
1/31/2015 Customer review by Sarah
5.0 stars by Sarah

The worst feeling is leaving for work and not remembering if I shut my curling iron off Or being worried my 3 year old will get burned. Having my holder means keeping my son and my home safer!

1/31/2015 Customer review by DH123
5.0 stars by DH123

Love the holder. Have the wall unit and the on the counter one. Great – makes my irons accessible and I do not have to worry about them burning my counter. Nice looking and compact


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